We build Customized portfolios.
Our recommendations are based on your risk profile, your personal input
and the investment choices available to your Custodian.

Quarterly monitoring allows for both Strategic and Tactical decisions regarding investments added to and removed from a portfolio.

Our Portfolio Management process:

1. Portfolio Management Services

a. Please take some of the risk tests:

Provided on our web site under Suitability.
Balanced portfolio
Aggressive portfolio
Conservative portfolio

b. Identify the purpose of the funds in your portfolio:
When & how distributions are planned to occur, and any constraints that you would like us to follow.

c. Provide the Name of your Custodian:
Where your funds will be held? Provide the Custodian's Web address / URL (Schwab.com, Fidelity.com, etc.).

d. Complete a Self-Questionnaire:

What do you like Most, Least, and want Changed about your portfolio?
What do you Want, Need and to be Different from your Advisor?

e. Composition of you current Portfolio:

% of CASH % of FOREIGN
% of BONDS Gov't & Corps. % of NATURAL RESOURCES
% of LARGE Cap growth & value % of SECTORS (ex. Financial, Health care, Technology etc.)
% of MID Cap growth & value % of Other Investments (please describe)
% of SMALL Cap growth & value

2. Special notes, inquiries, requests:

Schedule a 90 minute phone conference to discuss your application information.

We will recommend investments to buy and sell, emailed for your implementation (within 10 Business days) - recommendations will include choices within each asset subclass (typically 7 - 30 recommended investments).

Schedule a 60 minute phone conference to conclude the process.

Consultation Information:

DO NOT include SS # or any account Identification information.
Your disclosure in your application characterizes our recommendations and our fees.
Particularly complex portfolios and/or analysis inquire in Special notes, inquiries, requests.

We provide Recommendations. No assets are transferred, your investments remain with your Custodian - you are responsible for making changes to your portfolio.

Clients who want their Portfolios monitored and managed on an ongoing basis - choose Portfolio monitoring and/or inquire in Special notes, inquiries, requests.

We bill out at $150-300 hour based on the complexity of the work.

3. Select a Service:

- Portfolio recommendation $0 application fee + $1000 consultation fee

Portfolio monitoring   
$0 application fee + $1000 setup fee + balance of negociated fee

- Portfolio analysis fee
$25 application fee + balance of analysis fee

Portfolio Analysis Amount (if applicable).

4. Client Information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Postal code:
Day phone:

JCB Capital Performance will respond to Applicant with
scheduling availability & personal contact information.
1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd #123, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(415) 685-3581

I agree to comply with the Legal Disclaimer mentioned above.

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