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Schedule an Individual Consultation
Discuss options on (but not limited to) services on our web site
regarding your Individual situation.

Solutions will be discussed and non-proprietary products and services will be recommended.
You are encouraged to keep records.


Inquire above or Call (415) 685-3581:

We make every effort to accommodate your schedule. We will attempt to provide at least 3 reasonable dates. Beginning no earlier than 7am and ending no later than 7pm Mon-Sat in your locale.

We bill out at $100-300 hour based on the complexity of the work - inquire in Special notes.

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To optimize the consultation, Please:

Identify all areas of interest that you wish to discuss during your Consultation:

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Overview of Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Education Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Management, Estate Planning, Risk Management, and Portfolio Management.

a. Strategic Insurance & Annuity Planning:
Discuss risks & liabilities, products (premiums, deductibles, and coverage) & services.

b. Strategic Tax Planning:
Discuss opportunities & long-term planning

c. Education Planning:
Discuss options available specific to your family's situation.

d. Strategic Retirement Planning:
Discuss options available to maximize contributions, benefits & performance.

e. Strategic Estate Planning:
Discuss options available specific to your family & business situation.

f. Risk Management:
Discuss risk profiles & appropriate risk management.

g. Strategic Asset Management:
Overview of assets owned & future purchases and sales.

h. Strategic Portfolio Management:
Overview of Client's portfolio & changes needed to accommodate Client's future needs and wishes.

- see Portfolio Management application for specific analysis and specific recommendations.

JCB Capital Performance's response
- scheduling availability forthcoming.
1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd #123
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(415) 685-3581

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