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  1. Annuities are the most COMPLEX financial contracts sold. The purchase of an annuity can be more "consequential" than the purchase of a home with many unforeseen retirement pitfalls. There are dozens of top-rated Insurance companies selling HUNDREDS of different annuities. We believe there are only a handful of good annuities and only a few that may be right for you. We can provide any Annuity from any Company that You may like.

  2. How do you want your savings invested? How many years are you comfortable leaving your money in the contract? How much risk and return do you want for your savings? Lastly, how will you get your money out - what are the contractual terms of the contract you have entered into?

  3. Choosing the BEST annuity requires working with an Advisor who: 1) understands annuities, 2) knows which annuities are currently available, 3) understands You and 4) matches an annuity to Your needs.

  4. The BEST purchase may only require a couple hours of discussions and paperwork from you. But providing You with the BEST annuity requires 20 to 50 hours of 1) Fact Finding, 2) Research, 3) Analysis, 4) Comparisons, 5) Paperwork, 6) Processing, 7) Communications and 8) Expenses on our part.

  5. We provide YOU with decisive confidence so that you can make your BEST choice. Purchasing an annuity is "FREE' - the Insurance company that you purchase your Annuity from pays the broker (us) for the work we do (the cost to you is the same NO MATTER WHO you buy from - each State's Insurance Commissioner has pre-set the commission with each Annuity provider by law).

  6. If you would like to purchase an Annuity through Us - all discussions can be done in a Personal meeting in your locale and/or over the Phone (and paperwork by mail, fax, email and/or a personal meeting in your locale).

    If you are looking to purchase an Annuity and you are simply looking for Expert Advice - we provide a 2-hour telephone or web conference. For many Retirees this is a small price to pay to get Expert Advice for such an important purchase.

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Asking, "What is the BEST Annuity?" is no different than asking:
"What is the best car?"
I could ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers.
It depends on the needs of each individual - YOU.
It all comes down to WHO is Advising You.